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Discover all our music promotion offers! How to promote your music? How to promote your music? The Promo Media Musique platform allows professional Artists as well as amateurs, Labels and Majors to make a Push Promotion.

Communication or press relations agencies are often expensive. We offer an affordable alternative to our customers. However, it is possible to hire a press officer and carry out an additional music promotion action on our site to improve your results.

Frequently asked questions on our Promo Media Musique site:

How to promote your music? How to distribute music online and make yourself known? But still, how to embark on a musical career? But also, how to develop its visibility on Spotify? promote your music on Youtube? Promo Media Musique helps you in your music promotion strategy.

Our Music Promo tips for your Singles and Clips:

Release an EP and make a good promo music. send a demo to a label. But also, finding a manager for his music. Make your Music known, create a buzz, integrate a Spotify playlist. Distribute and Promote His Music on the Internet. Our Consulting services help you to make a good musical promotion.

Promote your music on YouTube and Spotify.

Create your own promotions and learn how to get on the radio. Campaign Guarantee. Promoting music is a job, our music communication site helps you promote your project. Indeed, discover how to use Youtube, spotify and other methods to distribute your titles. For example, music promotion via DJs and clubs. In addition, viral marketing and social media propel artists!

How to promote a singer / rapper artist?

First, how to promote his music? Promoting music france, or promo music is not easy. Nevertheless with promo media music. You can promote spotify music and promote your music through streaming. Secondly, you have to prepare your communication before launching a web and web radio music promotion. That is to say, promoting a singer artist is not the same as a rapper.

The Promo Media Musique site offers communication services adapted to Artists and Labels.

We provide artists and labels with the following packages: Promotion of streaming platforms, Promotion to Sites, Music Blogs, Media Radio, Media TV, Press, Promotion Clubs DJs | Promotion Radio | Music Promotion | Visibility on YouTube, Spotify and other broadcast networks | Increase in views, likes and subscribers on your channel. A real exposure to a targeted audience to make his music known! Discover all our promotional offers here.

The use of social networks is essential today to build any artistic career. Grow your fanbase, increase the number of views and streams your music videos and singles on YouTube and Spotify. YouTube Promo / Spotify Promo / Web Media / Music Promo. For example, How do I get items? How to be broadcast on Radio?

N°1 Site for Music Promotion in France

With our service of Online Manager, get some advice from Media and Music Promotion to develop your project. How to promote your music? How to make a good Mastering, Audio Mixing?

Discover our selection of instrumentals composed by professional beatmakers. Our catalog contains compositions and audio kits, remixes on demand suitable for rappers and singers as well as sound design and synchronization.

The Promo Media Musique site is home to a network of music producers, Ghost producers, beatmakers, artistic directors, DJs and French-speaking artists. Indeed, you can find an artistic agent, a music manager, music press officers!

Once the music is purchased on our site, you benefit from unlimited and license-free use of it.

Creating and promoting your music, an EP or an Album has never been easier!