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How to promote your music?

In the music industry, there are a multitude of players, this also applies to the music promotion sector.

The Promo Media Musique platform allows professional Artists as well as amateurs, Labels and Majors to make a Push Promotion.

Promoting YouTube Clips

Increase your views on YouTube. Ideal for starting a project before sending Media.

Spotify Playlist Promotion

Get more Spotify Playlists and Streams. Ideal before sending a Radio promotion.

Promotion to Journalists

Creation of a press release and sending to the French media.

Radio Promotion for Single / Album

Creation of a press release and sending to French Radio Media.

Full Media Promotion

Send your clip to Media Web Radios and TVs. Ideal for publicizing your project!

Creation of a Press Kit

Our Promotion services help you to present your project to the Press.

Online Mixing - Mastering

Produced by a sound engineer in the studio, Analog Mastering.

Online Manager Services

Consult a manager, press officer, engineer and ask your questions.

Radio promotion via Muzicenter

Posted on Yacast. In partnership with the agency of leeemon radio promo.

Creating a Single Album Cover

At the request of our customers, we have implemented this tool for an artistic visual.

Distribution on the Platforms

Your music, single or album on streaming platforms

Music promotion to labels

Present and attempt to Sign a Contract with a Music Label

Best Music Promotion Site in 2020

Communication or press relations agencies are often expensive. We offer an affordable alternative to our customers.

However, it is possible to hire a Press officer and to carry out an additional musical promotion action on our site to boost your results.

To help you in this process, we give you more information on which agency to choose and the advantages of a music press relations agency.

  • Quality of Musical Promotions
  • Positive Feedback / Satisfaction
  • Installation in less than 24 hours
  • Quality / Price / Customer Service ratio
  • YouTube Clip Promotion Results
  • Results of a Media Promotion (Web / Radio / TV)

How to promote your music?

Artists, DJs, managers, marketing managers or labels, promo media musique is a music promotion site made for you. Our approach is simple and allows us to meet all the needs of a promo music.

Indeed, you can anticipate the release of your Single, EP or album, and promote it with our packages. Once your music is online, all you have to do is prepare the elements you want to send to the press. We act like press officers, like a press relations agency.

Thanks to platforms such as Youtube and Spotify, your music and clips can be distributed quickly to develop your project. Take full advantage of the power of synchronization and our packs of spotify playlist promo.


Getting your music known requires a strategy and tools. Our team is made up of experienced people. As an artist, it is difficult to do everything. The strategy of music promotion is often the most complex.

First, how to promote his music? Promote French music, or promo music is not easy. Nevertheless with promo media music. You can promote spotify music and promote your music through streaming.

Secondly, you have to prepare your communication before launching a web and web radio music promotion. That is to say, promoting a singer artist is not the same as a rapper.

A public relations and music promotion agency is competent to promote artists in various media.

Concrete results with Promo Média Musique

During a Music Promotion, we provide a report of the results obtained through the campaign. Thus, we are transparent about the quality and the methods used.

For example, on television, it will be a question of showing the artist's clips on television channels such as those of the M6 ​​group, C Star, Canal+, Trace, NRJ, etc. 

Spotify Playlists Promotion - Promo Media Musique

Spotify 100K Streaming Certified

The first Spotify Certification for an independent rapper. Obtained through our Spotify promos

Musical Promotion Radio Playlists - Promo Media Musique

15 Radios Obtained for 1 Single

A Radio Promotion for a Pop Artist – French Varieties. Obtained via our Radio promos

Musical Promotion Sacem Playlists Radio - Promo Media Musique

Press Kit for a Grant

As part of a self-production request for an Album subsidized by SACEM.

How to start a musical career?

Musical Promotion with PMM

Indeed, YouTube Music Promotion | Spotify playlists | Promotion of music videos | Music marketing | Artistic Promotion | Promo Media for Artists & Labels. 

To promote artists, will be of great help to you. She has an important address book very useful to make herself known in the musical world.

Promote a Single?

The most important aspect of our work will be to develop awareness and visibility among music fans as well as professionals. (Spotify Music Promotion and Web Media / Radio).

Promote a Music Clip?

First, increase your views via a YouTube clip promotion, so your project will be credible during a Media promotion.

Promote a Music Album?

Distribution, promotion, marketing, commercialization are important elements of your artistic project. This is why it is better to surround yourself with competent people to manage your musical promotion.

Promo Media Musique is the first complete promo site for all of your musical needs.

How to make yourself known as a rapper?

Our press officers specialized in music marketing will be at your side to defend your artistic project with journalists. Thanks to our music promo experts, your single, EP, Album will take a new flight.

Web music promotion mainly takes place on sites, social networks, blogs, web radios, etc. Thus, an agency is responsible for managing your musical and digital promotion by posting news online, publishing your songs, videos, concerts, interviews, announcements, contests, etc.