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Radio tracking option 1 month: the tool that allows you to discover the passages of your songs in the radios of the world for 1 month.

To be used as an option with the Muzicenter, Promo Radio and TV services.

For radio tracking you must provide the title in MP3 format


Radio tracking option 1 month

The tool that allows you to discover the passages of your songs in the radios of the world for 1 month.

To be used as an option with Muzicenter services, Promo Radio and TV. For radio tracking, you must provide: The title in MP3 format Radio tracking allows you to track and identify the radio stations around the world that play your title for 1 month.

What is Yacast Muzicenter?

Muzicenter is a Yacast France platform. It allows you to make your music available to radio media and television channels. Explanatory video here:

Indeed, once your titles in high definition have been added to Muzicenter, you no longer need to send CDs! Thus, the media will receive a notification and can download your songs to listen to them. In addition, this tool normally reserved for professionals, allows you to record the tracking of your titles on all radios and television channels in France. Service in partnership with the Leeemon agency.

Yacast Muzicenter is now essential to develop everything related to your career. Develop your fan base, Increase the number of views and streaming of your clips and singles on YouTube and Spotify. Some Music Media Promotion tips. The Promo Media Musique site also offers music services for artists. Discover our selection of instrumental music composed by our beatmakers.

Our catalog contains beats for rappers and singers. Creating a Single, EP Album has never been easier! The Promo Media Musique site brings together a network of music producers, beatmakers, artistic directors, DJs and artists from France. Once music is purchased from our site, you have unlimited use, no license with us. Which makes every beat, intruder royalty free and free to use!

Make a radio promo with the radio tracking option?

To be successful, you have to know how to capture the attention of your potential fans. And what better than to partner with an agency music promotion or a music press officer. Indeed, our site where a music press officer will allow you to reveal your music to the media. Radio tracking is a way to identify the radios that play your title.

How radio tracking works?

In general, the more your title has a strong enthusiasm (streams, views on the clip, presence on social networks), the more the programmers will be inclined to add it to a radio playlist.

Our service allows you to send your title to the media in a professional way in order to increase the visibility of your release with its media. Only programmers, journalists are decision makers to add or write an article about your release.

The best long-term strategy is therefore to increase the popularity of your music as much as possible via YouTube and Spotify promotions and then increase your visibility with the media.


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