Spotify playlist


Spotify Promo Campaign.

  • Spotify Campaign
  • + 20-30 playlists.
  • Spotify Ads campaign with similar artists targeting.
  • Streams are highly dependent on the appeal of the title.
  • Get from real subscribers. (2 to 3% increase).
  • Bring more people to More info your profile !
  • Quick installation (-24h).
  • 30 days of Spotify promotion.
  • Playlists and locations consistent with your musical style.
  • Precise report delivered at the end of the mission.
  • Installment payment available
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Spotify For One Track Promo Campaign.

We increase the visibility of your Music on coherent playlists and a Spotify campaign with your musical project.

Spotify Playlist is a pack that sends a pitch to Spotify playlisters to help you get streams for your track! (20 to 30 playlists)

Your title thus reaches an audience that can really be interested in your musical content. Thanks to our technique, we encourage the person to subscribe to your Spotify profile. Discover all the promotional offers for artists & labels here.

Spotify promotion : Payment in installments available (free of charge)

Discover all the promotional offers for artists & labels here.

The Spotify Promo playlist is now essential to develop everything related to your career. Develop your fan base, Increase the number of views and streaming of your clips and singles on YouTube and Spotify. A few tips Music Media Promotion.

The Promo Media Musique site also offers music services for artists.

Discover our selection of instrumental music composed by our beatmakers.

Our catalog contains beats for rappers and singers. Creating a Single, EP Album has never been easier! The Promo Media Musique site brings together a network of music producers, beatmakers, artistic directors, DJs and artists from France.

Once music is purchased from our site, you have unlimited use, no license with us.

Which makes every beat, intruder royalty free and free to use! Simple and efficient !

Why promote playlists?

To be successful, you have to know how to capture the attention of your potential fans. And what better than to join a music promotion agency or an music press officer. Indeed, our site where a music press officer will allow you to reveal to the public that you are a rare pearl. It's a way to encourage them to listen to each of your works so that they end up discovering your identity.

What to know before ordering ahead of a Spotify promotion on any site:

- A bot is directly visible because no "Saves" on the title or followers.
- A site that promises a defined number of streams in a safe and guaranteed way necessarily uses a bot.
- The price, a small price is often synonymous with a bot... for example 10 euros for 5000 streams... necessarily a bot.
- A site that uses a bot never offers a report.

Our service :

Our description is precise on the service:
- Streams highly dependent on the appeal of the title. It's an estimate
- We use 2 techniques
- Placements in private playlists and collaborative playlists
- A Spotify Ads campaign targeting similar artists.
- We offer end-of-campaign reporting of Spotify Ads playlists and campaign


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