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Promote his music, his freestyles, clips, his image!

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Promotion Rap / Pop / Afro / DJ

Instagram promo promo insta rap artists


Instagram promotion: Highlighting your artistic project


  • Increase your visibility
  • On @promo_media_musique's Instagram
  • 1 Publication with mention @ (to be provided square format)
  • The publication will remain on our account
  • 1 Story with Swipe Up link (to be provided in Story 9:16 format)
  • Link to provide
Album/Single cover -graphic-realization-artists-music-artwork-musical cover


Graphic design of a digital cover:

Simple and fast production, ideal for distribution on streaming platforms.

  • Professional base cover (Artist + title + photo)
  • En color
  • Size 3000 x 3000px (format for streaming platforms)
  • Formats PNG High Quality
  • Resolution 300dpi
  • Possible alterations
  • Send a photo in Wetransfer
Distribution Streaming - spotify music promotion


To put a title online, you must provide:


  • Artist name
  • Title name
  • Label
  • Check-in location
  • The title in WAV format
  • The Cover / Cover of the title
  • Digital release date
  • To be sent by WeTransfer after order


YouTube Clip Promo Campaign

  • + 8 real views on your clip.
  • Get from real subscribers. (2 to 3% increase).
  • Place your clip on several influential playlists. 
  • Bring more people to More info your channel!
  • Quick installation (-24h).
  • 15 days of YouTube promotion.
  • Playlists and locations consistent with your musical style.
  • Precise report delivered at the end of the mission.
  • YouTube Approved.


Music Manager is a personalized advice service to answer all your questions in the musical field.

Advice to artists and music professionals by our team.

Discuss your project and your expectations, but also your difficulties, with a press officer specialized in music.

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How to start a musical career?

Promotion Rap / Pop / DJ with PMM

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Promote a Single?

The most important aspect of our work will be to develop awareness and visibility among music fans as well as professionals. (Rap Pop DJ promotion on Spotify and Web Media / Radio).

Promote a Music Clip?

First, increase your views via a YouTube clip promotion, so your project will be credible during a rap promotion in the Media.

Promote a Music Album?

Distribution, promotion, marketing, commercialization are important elements of your artistic project. This is why it is better to surround yourself with competent people to manage your rap and pop promotion.

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How to make yourself known as a rapper?

Our press officers specialized in music marketing will be at your side to defend your artistic project with journalists. Thanks to our music promo experts, your single, EP, Album will take a new flight.

The Promo Media Musique site offers communication services adapted to Artists and Labels.

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The use of social networks is essential today to build any artistic career. Grow your fanbase, increase the number of views and streams your music videos and singles on YouTube and Spotify. YouTube Promo / Spotify Promo / Web Media / Music Promo. For example, How do I get items? How to be broadcast on Radio?

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With our service of Online Manager, get some advice from Media and Music Promotion to develop your project. How to promote your music? How to make a good Mastering, Audio Mixing?

Discover our selection of instrumentals composed by professional beatmakers. Our catalog contains compositions and audio kits, remixes on demand suitable for rappers and singers as well as sound design and synchronization.

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