There are actually several streaming platforms where artists can stream their works. YouTube is one of the most effective tools artists have at their disposal to promote their music.


– How does a Youtube promo work with Promo-Media-Music


We increase the visibility of your video on Youtube channels consistent with your musical project. 


Our particularity is that we will think about precise targeting to reach people who can really like your music. Many targeting methods are available to us: demographic groups, interests, and locations.


One can also choose custom affinity segments, for example, people who are into hip-hop music. It is also possible to choose a theme, artists similar to your music, a language, a location.


Your clip thus reaches an audience that can really be interested in your musical content. 


Thanks to our technique, we encourage the person to subscribe while watching your clip. Indeed, when the person clicks on the video, they are redirected to a landing page to subscribe to your Youtube channel.


– Why should I promote and what results can I expect?


You have to understand how the music industry works.

In general, the more your title has a strong enthusiasm (streams, views on the clip, presence on social networks), the more you will increase your fan base, or certain media will be inclined to share your project.


This is why a promotion YouTube and Spotify are the two most important social networks to promote your music before committing to a promotion campaign to radio stations and the media.


During a YouTube promotion, you will necessarily increase the visibility of your clip, interactions and views on your video. It is also a technique of community management


At the end of the campaign, you will receive a detailed report from our site.


– Tips to optimize the youtube promotion of my music


First of all, the most important thing is your content!


Indeed, the more your video is qualitative and the more it arouses interest, the more you increase your chances of having good results. Similarly, it is necessary to make calls to action as much as possible, ie to encourage people to like, comment and share your content.


Viewers are not robots that you can force to write comments. You can, however, naturally encourage them to do so.


To be successful in promoting your music through your YouTube channel, you need to be careful about choosing your titles, descriptions, and tags. 


First of all, the title of your page, channel or content is the first element that your fan base will see and it also plays a role in your positioning. It should therefore be clear, succinct and keyword-based.


The description, on the other hand, is an element that allows you to inform your audience and manually link all your social networks.


By the way, do not hesitate to comment your questions or tips?

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