YouTube views: Buy views to develop your clip?

Buying YouTube views to develop your music… the bad idea…


As an artist, it is important to promote his music. This allows you to expand your reputation and thus have a good musical career. Very often, clips are shared on YouTube to get more reach. However, to boost this range, some artists usepurchase de views YouTube. But does such an alternative help develop your music. This article answers you.


Buy streams to increase your credibility


After releasing music, the best way to promote a music video is to share it on YouTube. As a result, you will be able to collect views; which positively influences your career. However, to inflate this number of YouTube views, you can buy streams. These streams act as biased views that boost the visibility of your clip. Thus, those who visit your account will be able to be convinced of the quality of your music.

However, this means of collecting views being fraudulent, the YouTube platform has updated its algorithm which makes it possible to detect this system. Indeed, the algorithms are designed in such a way as to identify false views and cancel them. Therefore, only the actual number of views are displayed.


Buying robot views is only useful for your visibility


Given that the purchase of views is a fraudulent system, you don't need it to increase your visibility. In effect, the false views are cancelled; which your counter to the basic state before buying YouTube views. In extreme cases, your access to YouTube or your channel may be blocked.

Such a system therefore negatively influences your musical credibility as well as your reputation as an artist. To do this, it will be necessary to opt for other strategies that can help to have authentic views. This can go through the solicitation of influential people, the organization of concerts, etc. Such tricks are opportunities to ask your fans to like and comment on your videos on YouTube. Which can only give you real views.


Develop your music through advertising


Only advertising or a promo youtube can help you develop your music on Youtube. To do this, you will need to have a YouTube channel. Thanks to this channel, you will be able to regularly post videos of your clips. This way, your audience will be able to read or like/comment them. A better way to do this would be, for example, to make short videos (before your clips) that encourage people to subscribe.

To increase the scope of this strategy, you can launch promotional campaigns, via promo-media-music or an music promotion agency. For this purpose, first make sure you have posted good content. Then define the target to reach according to age, gender or music preferences. These parameters help you to better direct your marketing campaign. music promotion. Finally, prepare your budget and then start the YouTube promo campaign.

This strategy can massively increase your number of views. Another tip is to run contests. For example, you can propose a competition “attracts the maximum number of subscribers”. The idea would be to ask your fans to invite their friends to subscribe to your channel and the winner would be the person who attracted the most people. As a result, you will be able to increase your views and thus develop your career.